The magic happens in between the plans, structure and schedule ~ when we're not looking for it.

Hatha Yoga

I've been practicing yoga for over ten years and am so grateful to share the joy, authenticity, adventure and support the practice brings to me. As we connect our breath and our movement, we stretch and strengthen our body and calm our mind. My classes are fun, relaxed and suitable for all levels, with an aim of supporting not just our practice on the mat but most importantly how we move through life at all times.

Movement & Magic Workshops

Physical and intuitive exploration is encouraged in these Workshops, with themes including: Yoga for Stress & Anxiety, A Journey through the Chakras, Partner Yoga, Yoga for Menstruation and The Moon.

Counselling, Compassionate Inquiry & Polyvagal Theory

The therapeutic relationship that we build between us is where the healing takes place. Feeling safe enough to share fears, worries, shame and trauma we can move to understanding and acceptance through increased resilience with realisation and insight. Everything is welcome to be witnessed. Your greatest joy, hopes and dreams, your pain and guilt, tears and laughter all welcome, all valid, all necessary in the journey of surviving and thriving.

My training is rooted in the Person-Centred approach, bringing in elements of Gabor Maté's Compassionate Inquiry and Deb Dana's Autonomic Roadmap as a means of beginning or deepening an understanding of how the systems of our body support and communicate with us.

Shamanic Trance Dance

Wearing a bandana to cover your eyes, I will guide you into a breathwork practice and be your guardian as you explore your inner world, dropping your masks and inhibitions, letting go and tuning in. This experience has ancient roots, it feels like coming home. The dancer becomes the dance, intuitively moving to tribal rhythms and ecstatic beats.

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Tarot and Oracle Cards

Through our reactions to the images of the cards, as well as the standard symbology and how the story emerges from the order and relationship between the cards, we're encouraged to realise how we really feel about a relationship or situation.

The whole of the human condition is depicted in the cards, as well as the elements of nature and archetypes that feature throughout our lives - the cards provide a snapshot in time and a very personal reflection for what we are happy to have confirmed, and sometimes what we don't want to face.