Paula Pratt

Counselling & Therapy - Yoga & Sound - Reiki & Shamanic Trance Dance

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it” _Rumi

I'm Paula, I'm 38 and all of who you are is welcome with me.

I work in a trauma-informed way to support your mind and body in moving from survival mode to rest, relaxation, healing and wellbeing. The therapeutic relationship that we create between us is where the healing takes place. There is always space for you to share, contemplate, pause and process your experience.

If you are local to Kinellar you are welcome to visit my therapy room (COVID-19 risk assessment and measures in place). We can also meet online or by phone from any location and I can assure full privacy whilst I work from home.

In addition to my therapy practice I am a Yoga Teacher, I lead Shamanic Trance Dance rituals and I had a twenty-year corporate career. I maintain my wellbeing through yoga, meditation, journalling, dance and therapy (as well as pizza and Netflix!) so that I can be as present as possible with you in our session.

In our time together we may meet with your inner child and any other 'parts' of yourself which may be asking for attention. This can be deeply transformative in helping us to understand ‘why we are the way we are’. Our felt experience, such as anxiety or depression, can be symptomatic of how safe, seen and heard these parts feel. There is liberation in consciously working to care for the different parts of our self, offering each the understanding, acceptance and validation that is rightly yearned for.

We may also work with elements of Polyvagal Theory, an approach of hope, possibility and empowerment. When we explore how your early years and ongoing life experience has shaped your nervous system, via the function of the Vagus Nerve, we come to understand your responses, reactions, behaviours and self-belief. This approach helps us to lift the weight of shame, blame and guilt and allows us to live and love more fully.

With curiosity, awareness and compassion it is possible to get beyond the ‘story’ that is held in place by your biology and to become the wise and competent driver of your nervous system and inner world.

My client experience:

Over the last six years I have worked with clients in both short and long term relationships as they come to terms with change, loss, grief, crisis and despair. 

My clients include people living with depression, anxiety, self-injury, suicidal ideation, learning difficulties, identity as intersex and transgender, trauma of neglect in childhood and adult relationships, trauma of abuse in childhood and adult relationships, drug and alcohol addiction, diagnoses of OCD, workplace and academic stress, and relationship challenges as friend, colleague, child, partner, sibling and parent.

Whatever it is that you may bring to our session, I will respond intuitively with compassion to walk alongside you during our time together. And you may be surprised at how often we laugh - there is definitely room for the healing medicine of laughter in therapy!

It will be a pleasure to meet with you and if we are connecting online or by phone I’ll be sitting on my sheepskin rug with a cup of tea close at hand, please make sure that you are also comfortable for our session and ready with tissues, pen and paper, water and a hot drink. If we are meeting in-person I will confirm directions and safety measures in good time ahead of our session.

My very best and warmest wishes,


To book and enquire

Please contact me with any queries and to arrange an initial meeting. 

I am available Monday to Saturday for weekly, fortnightly or ad-hoc appointments.