Paula Pratt

Counselling & Therapy - Yoga & Sound - Reiki & Shamanic Trance Dance

Let the love flow with Reiki ...

I believe that reiki energy is available to us all - we instinctively rub our sore heads or stomachs with our hands, we reach out to comfort a wee one with a sore knee after a fall.

My formal training to amplify my connection with reiki healing began in Aberdeen, continued in South Goa and ended in Glastonbury. My ongoing training with this healing and transformative energy continues daily, as I gratefully work with it to prepare the space and myself for client work, ceremony and ritual.

Shamanic Trance Dance

Wearing a bandana to cover your eyes, I will guide you into a breathwork practice and be your guardian as you explore your inner world, dropping your masks and inhibitions, letting go and tuning in. 

This experience has ancient roots, it feels like coming home. The dancer becomes the dance, intuitively moving to tribal rhythms and ecstatic beats. Visit for more information ...